Saturday, October 19, 2019

Assess the role of small time Diplomats in the Egypt-Israeli peace Essay

Assess the role of small time Diplomats in the Egypt-Israeli peace making (1970s) - Essay Example The idea of partnership in the Egypt-Israel treaty replaces the emphasis on respect. U.S diplomats also played a crucial role in this treaty (Eisenberg 83). The role small time diplomats played was so effective that they did not need international peacekeepers to help them resolve their problems. Diplomats facilitated cooperation between the two parties such as trade cooperation. The Middle- east, during this period, saw all forms of diplomatic activity (Gat 177). More often than not they even advised the King or president on the formulation of foreign policies, but they would get ignored (Goldschmidt 160). Other than this, there has been a stable import-export cooperation of a limited list of commodities facilitated by diplomats. Egyptian diplomats also facilitated the speed on the agreement terms by giving a due date of agreement, failure to which would lead them to look for other alternatives. (Bar-Siman-Tov 200). The constant exchange of goods and services between the two nations played a critical part in helping them resolve their dispute. Diplomats envisioned the Egypt-Israel treaty based on the ‘reciprocity idea, recognition of each partys national interest. Delegations worked entirely on the basis of diplomats (Rabinovich 40). Therefore, that is to mean that th e treaty creates a narrow zone of demilitarization both on Israels and Sinais side. Diplomats vied for good neighbourly relations that would see the promotion of lasting security. Ephraim Evron was an Israel diplomat who was good at building networks and relationships (Eisenberg 17). However, some Israeli diplomats got banned in Cairo and Amman leaving them to feel isolated (Lukacs 196). The conflict, however, got somehow fuelled by refusal of Egypt to normalize their relationship with Israel (El-Nawawy 13) Religious diplomats also played a critical role in the peacemaking treaty. They did this by promoting interfaith relations that fostered mutual understanding based

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